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  2. the OSPCA has the complaints department all sewn up. If you have a complaint about a particular agent or inspector you can report them to the ….. OSPCA…. who will then “deal” with the issue. Without further elaboration, you can see where that road ends up. Try putting in a complaint about Senior Inspectors, you don’t even get a reply. Unless they are breaking the law in which case you can report them to the police or OPP, but thats kind of like reporting a cop to another cop and pretty much ends up going nowhere also.

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  5. Jonathan, not even the most radical libertarian would suggest that markets do not need regulation. All markets need all kinds of regulation. It's just that it's possible to devise more democratic, consumer-based, non-governmental regulatory mechanisms in a number of cases. Nobody here believes that corporations – or governments – are honest in the absence of regulation (not necessarily government regulation, mind you!)

  6. , I’m not sure that Wallace is that much of an upgrade that justifies giving up LO (as versus say Prince).Marbury is bad. He hasn’t played for like a year, he’s a cancer in the locker room (we have a young team here; he’s a bad influence even if Kobe and Phil rein him in) and plays crappy defense.

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  8. Also, please give us an email system that works. The current one is too cumbersome and clunky. If someone sends me a message, please forward that message to me, not just a notification that I've received one. We need Basic email functionality, the ability to create folders, forward messages, things like that.

  9. Loved this in my late teens, about seven years back. Agree that it works best as a first hand experience of a child growing up and coming to terms with adulthood. However, it is less successful while dealing with complex race issues, which is probably not what the book is about anyway. Seemingly low-brow melodramas like Ford's Two Rode Together and Sirk's Imitation of Life are more truthful about race, I think. Lee's book, like other liberal homilies of the time (some of Poitier's movies for instance) makes a conscious attempt to idealise the underdog.

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  11. It is hard to believe that people are whining still about the Y’s move. Give it a rest, the deal is done. If you want to whine about something how about whining about Gordon’s plans to give away Baron’s South. At least that that travesty has not yet happened.

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  13. Outra coisa, jogo de taça às 20:15 de Inverno?! Se fosse às 15 ou 16 iam estar muito mais crianças muito mais gente. Será que os burros da federação não vêem que assim matam a prova?! Na eliminatória anterior jogo no Estoril a horas decentes estava o estádio à pinha,claro que não digo que Alvalade ia encher mas 20 mil estariam quase de certeza.

  14. wat een leuke verassing voor je, we kennen Marco goed en ook hij staat leuk op de foto. Als je terug bent zullen ze vast en zeker een wel 3 x zo grote taart hebben klaarstaan. Tot die tijd moet het doen met die heerlijk stukjes Old Amsterdam die je me hebt. Ps. De RK basis school hier heeft voor haar projekt weken ook het thema “De ruimte” kinderen zijn extreem nieuwsgierig!! Groet en nog vele van deze mooie momenten toegewenst.


  16. nice article. i enjoyed reading it. thanks! which reminds me of a quote from picasso, “You must always work not just within, but below your means. If you can handle three elements, handle only two. If you can handle ten, then handle only five. In that way, the ones you do handle, you handle with more ease, more mastery, and you create a feeling of strength in reserve.” hope all’s well! xoxo

  17. Exactly my point, Mrs. H.It’s good to be reminded once in a while that what comes to some of us easily is not necessarily intuitive for everyone.‘Specially good for teachers to remember, methinks. Just so you know, I loved Geometry. It felt like art class.

  18. i have minor acne but a lot of scaring even if i don’t get a pimple i get a scar, so i don’t know exactly how you feel. I hope your skin gets better once you get on your medication though because your a very sweet and lovely girl and deserve to feel as beautiful as people perceive you because you are beautiful with or without acne =]

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  20. eric my man if you do not belive in the second emendment maybe your birth cetificate should be checked also!right to bare arms not every amendment you feel like changing.get a grip !donkey! focu s on the crimimals in country, not the regular man that has the right to defend himself or feed his family. grow a set and fix what is wrong with this coutry not what is right,or atleast be a man and step down if you cant act like an american.

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  22. Calm down, ‘kimmies’, we are talking about Mr Cao here, not Loretta.I did say it is OK to lashed out at the BP, didn’t I?I only have a bit of problem about his mixed-up on ‘harakiri’ as part of Asian culture.Try to take English Comprehensive Course at your local JC.It will help you to understand English better.AND….listen to this: IT will give you a few more English words that would enrich your vocabulary and, hopefully, will change your habit of referring anything in life to ‘whore’, ‘slut’, ‘feces’, ‘van tran’, man and woman body parts, etc. LOL.

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  25. Jaybird:No, he just made a frustrate swipe at the arms of Collison, I think it was. Kind of close to the head, but it’s merely fragrant I bad.VoR:Both; it’s true that the two came in last, but a big reason is because those 5 played pretty poorly together. They gave up a ball a few times and caved in to pressure defense.

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  29. I love your kitchen! I've been contemplating painting my cabinets and your blog has inspired me! I had a couple of questions about the paint you used. Did you use an oil based paint for your cabinets? I dont think F&B carries oil based paint anymore. I live in California and can't buy oil based paint. What is the next best alternative for painting cabinets? Did you also do an oil based primer? Any help would be much appreciated! Love your blog!!

  30. 20/03/2011 – 2:37pmTodo bueno, menos que Cristiano vuelve a estar ¿lesionado? De dos a tres semanas, dicen… Qué casualidad, lo mismo que otras veces que fue convocado por Portugal. ¿Cuando le desconvoquen volverá a estar como un toro, y esas tres semanas, se quedarán en una?

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  35. How about quick-draw Colangelo.With Chandler, Diaw and Barbosa in and Turk, Jose and Evans out, what’s the WP projections?Also, consider that the Raps still have the 14.5 million trade exception.The offseason is the most interesting time to be a Raps fan.

  36. Well they didn’t have sex in the shower, just foreplay, so I don’t think they will be having sex in the shower any way you look at it. What if they show Eric showering in the beginning of the season….cause remember when we last saw him he was covered in cement…and that’s our shower scene? j/k of course…but I find it funny that he was about to take a shower most likely as last season ended. Showers seem to be a common thing on this show.   0 likes

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  46. you have an interesting way of arguing.Iranian govt send in religious thugs to beat, kill and kidnap students. BD: Oh but 40 years ago there were some killings at Kent state so the US is just as evil.Iranian government executes two minors on trumped up sexual charges after having tortured confessions out of them. BD: Oh but the US executes minors too (conveniently ignoring that is due process in the US)This depraved exercise in moral equivalence gets old real fast. Stop excusing these people. It belittles you.

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  52. Huh? I could just as easily ask “What if Glenn Beck is wrong?” I don’t get your point.If he’s wrong, it can be easily proved, but that isn’t happening. No one has disputed with facts where he is wrong. So the biggie ? is “WHAT IF HE’S RIGHT? WHAT THEN? What if he’s right and no media bothers to do anything. Are we no longer a country of laws?

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  54. I don’t think a creator interacting with the fandom is necessarily a bad thing, but if something goes wrong–a series goes in a direction a vocal number of fans dislike–then the backlash can be harsher and the creator’s response more infuriating. I’ve seen it happen with TV shows.Meyer seems really insecure about her writing ability despite her sales figures, so I’m not surprised her message boards are all pro-sparkle with sprinkles on top. Edited at 2008-08-04 06:16 am (UTC)

  55. No, you have explicity with references, very conveniently referring to a woman’s value as directly related to how well you think she looks. I find this appalling, I will give you credit for dealing kindly with your daughters, as I have no reason to believe otherwise; other women, not so much. Please esp. reference comment #40. You really are a psychologist? I am honestly horrified.

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  63. Beautiful quilt! I may have to take a stab at one of these some time soon. I have 3 quilt tops headed to Rachel, but thank you for the kick in the pants to get them quilted and in the hands of little ones who need them!!!! 2010 is definitely the year of giving back in as many ways as possible.

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  65. – poor emily has to endure so much pain… i’m sure it’s just as hard on you guys as you shared… it’s so encouraging to see you rely on God to deal with problems… everybody has problems… some choose to share, others choose to deal with it privately. either way, i’m glad that i know what to pray about for your family…

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  93. Caroline Spelman's comments were unbelievable. How would she like to be encased in a tent with only gauze to see (I realise see is not the most appropriate word!) out of?! Your analysis of the latest dhimmi Brit all-cultures-are-created-equal madness is one of the best I've seen.That brief and to-the-point lesson re what the burka really represents should be compulsory reading for Spelman and all the other apologists for a misogynistic system.

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