570 Replies to “Google Doodle celebrates 4th of July early with recipes from 50 states, 5 territories – CNET”

  1. I only hope no one accuses you of something bad to get even with you just because they don’t get money from you. That would be awful! Just do like they do in India. Swat them lightly with your paper!!!

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  3. Elaine, I want to be an all-day faith walker, too!p.s. Love your header photo and also love the feature here in the comments section where after typing in the first letter of our website link, it pops up for the entire thing for us to click on. On some blogs, I actually have to cut and paste my website to fill that section in and so appreciate it when it’s set up where it appears automatically and I have to do is click on it for it to fill in.

  4. Lose money with Paypal conversion rate…not surprising. This is another one of Paypals schemes to keep more money that in not rightfully theirs. Paypal is good at taking money, holding money and making false promises to their many users. Good luck getting ahold of someone that will help you there.


  6. it wasn’t right that I spread rumors like that, since it was just a guess on my part what the FBI might be up to. Yep, just a guess… but a very educated guess based on everything I know about this case, and especially reading between the lines recently.

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  8. My prayers and thoughts will be with you on this Blessed and special Journey! I hope that the Lord guides you to come back to us. With ever gratitude for all that you have given and so generously, Joy-Heartedly shared, Linda

  9. No, the sun is getting hotter. That would heat things up a bit right? There is no evidence that our carbon footprint on the earth is affecting the globe. Al Bore is an idiot. The only reason they want us to buy into the idea of global warming is so that they can start a global, yes global carbon tax. The powers that be are already talking about it.

  10. Well you know if I was going alone, I'd be carrying the cost on my own anyway. I don't mind taking on the lion's share, if you don't mind occasionally sharing a room or whatever. But actually I don't think hotels are too bad there. I'm not talking five star obviously. Just like, a door that closes, a bathroom that doesn't have a push-button shower that's shared with sixty other people, and a room with heat that doesn't involve 12 bunk beds, somehow always oddly dominated by fucking Australians. You know. The good life.

  11. draga Dr Love,vara trecuta am cunoscut un baiat la bunici,iar vara aceasta am fost impreuna 2 luni si o saotamana pana cand el sa impacat cu fosta prietena l-am iubit si inca il mai iubesc dar el este cu ea si cred tot mai mult ca eram doar de amuzament pentru el…ce sa fac? sa il iubesc in continuare?nu as face decat sa sufar, sa uit de el?nu cred ca as putea:( imi dati un sfat va rog!!

  12. For a moment I thought those leggings were sequined to boot and I started having heart palpitations and broke out into a cold sweat. Can you imagine if they did have sequins? The print is great regardless and go Pixies. They're playing here in Nashville this summer but it's at the Ryman and my hipster ass can't afford tickets. 😉

  13. Just got back from working out. I’m watching gymnastics on you tube.It had a veiled assualt comment, so it wasn’t that sober sounding. Ever bash a drill peice against something? Gread for breaking combination locks. Except sometimes the cleaning kit falls out.

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  15. Yes, and the level of detail put (very unwanted) vivid images in my brain of a ball popping out of her vagina while she stands in the elevator. I’m all for being open and honest about health issues, but I really don’t want to have to picture Jenna’s vagina with a ball stained with period blood popping out of it.

  16. Caro, christóvan, se as professias religiosas se cumprissem não haveria ninguém mais morando na terra, já tinham levado a todos para o céu.E até hoje ainda não nasceu um religiosos que fale a verdade. Eles mentem descaradamente para iludir e usar pessoas bobas como você, que acredita em papai noel, deus, jesus e fãbulas desse tipo…ah! e na fada do dente também!

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  20. Haha, Thanksgiving is just an obstacle now that I’ve started doing NaNo every year. “What, there’s a whole day or two where my family is going to expect me to be sociable and not write!? But it’s NANO!”I added you as a buddy…my username there I believe is just Lisa Taylor. (creative for an author, right?) Good luck with NaNo 2012!!

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  23. Was cultural anthropology ever true or honest? As shown by Derek Freeman, Margaret Mead’s fieldwork in Samoa – the popular foundation of cultural anthropology – is fraudulent.A good short write-up on that is . is an overview of the contenders (Galtonian vs. Boasian).In my view, Boasian “anthropology” is not a real science, but was just a political ideology intended to carve room for Jews in Gentile societies. See Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique, Chapters 2-4.

  24. I have a few tips that seriously work !!1: Do NOT leave it on for and hour !! Leave it on for 5 minutes if your acne is not that bad, but 10 minutes if it is really bad.2: because your skin dries out, i strongly suggest using oil free moisturiser to relpace the oil with water, pimples are caused by natural oil that is produced in your skin when it does not get enough water/moister. (please excuse my spelling errors) By doing this your are stopping the natural oil from having to take action

  25. No creo que me lo lea, la verdad.. pero este escritor, Maxim, es un magnífico comunicador, lo lógico es lo que nos cuentas, tan bien contado.Vuelvo y te encuentro entre libros, guapa Bea… Yo regreso a los míos, que me he puesto las pilas y traigo varios en mente.Besos miles y sonrío al escribirte.

  26. before me: The Beta Player is lacking all of the important features that the old version had. (1) No button that lets you jump back to the beginning of the video. (2) Scrolling back and forth even after the video has loaded is a real hassle. (3) The full length of the video isn't displayed anymore – only the time position I'm currently at while watching the video. Why would that interest me if I don't know how long the video is altogether? Plus, knowing the full length of the video gave me an indication of how much longer I would have to wait for it to load. Definitely NOT an improvement.

  27. punk rock ceased being relevant around 1980 – after that is was pop-punk and by the time Green Day came around and was called “punk” the way Gwen Stefani’s band No Doubt was called “Ska” such music labels were clearly a jokeJello Biafra likes attention, clearly … he’s in AARP now and maybe should just shut up and go sit in his rocking chair

  28. Made SNL hot again? The sketch was about 3 minutes too long just like most of the others. The only sketch worth viewing was ‘DRINK MY MILKSHAKE’ and that was only because of the dead on impression Bill Hader did of Daniel Day Lewis. The rest of the show was sad by how unfunny it was.


  30. Fair play Jon, you are spot on, (you too Wanderfly). Have had the same thoughts since we stetard. The same argument can be applied to responsible travel’ or whatever you want to call genuine eco tourism. Most people don’t want a lecture or a guilt trip, they want a holiday, an escape. The challenge now is to compete on the mainstream selling points that exist for a reason, using the enhanced experiences local travel offers to set you apart, rather than selling local travel or responsible travel per say.

  31. Alejandra, completamente de acuerdo con tu reflexión y además, lo constato como padre de un niño en la Escuela Pública. El sistema se resiente y cierto que necesita de profesionales y propuestas en línea con lo que propones: recuperar las reglas del juego trabajando en Valores, desde el respeto y la conciencia de lo social, para generar el nuevo modelo social que nos toca construir… besos y enhorabuena.

  32. Cabbyaz ………………………….Ref i:52 PM. Even though our servicemen would be under orders to “RESTORE ORDER” how many do you think will fire upon their own families? At such a juncture I believe that total anarchy could break out,and the military people could easily turn 180 degrees, and attack “TO THE REAR”, and quite possibly led by their COs. The door would be “STANDING OPEN.”

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  35. Hi Amit, dont know whether you still watch this blog. I need more info on the plus valley. Would be gr8 if u can mail me some details as to- how to identify it- what is the end point of the trek- is it very difficultetc?thx

  36. Yes It’s fine. Eggs are almost the perfect choice. If your body is susceptible to cholesterol (lipids sticking to each other), that would be a concern… but only a blood test could tell that. Eating foods high in cholesterol doesn’t automatically make your bodies LDL cholesterol level rise. Fact is, many serious bodybuilders eat 6-8 eggs a day.

  37. your missing the point bro, KWA’s don’t need fixed or upgraded. Mines been going strong on an 11.1 lipo for 3 seasons without a single problem. I can tell you really hate them by your comments on this video, but I can only guess its because you have never owned one.

  38. Naja wir überweisen auch 200 Euro im Monat an die Telekom für unsere Verträge und das schon ein paar gute Jahre. Liegt halt auch immer am Tarif. Wenn man den kleinsten Tarif hat wird man selten ein solches Angebot bekommen, bei den großen Tarifen dann schon eher. So glaube ich ist das zu rechtfertigen.

  39. Anonymous on April 16, 2011 7:30 AM–Could you please cite where you obtained the information that legal Latinos support Arizona?I’m not saying you are wrong, so please do not take my question as a jab. It’ just that the legal latinos I’ve talked to do not support Arizona. What they do support is an easier process to become legal.

  40. Joe – spot on with yr comparisons – esp. the Versus & early Sonic Youth – damn fine! I haven’t heard anything like this in ages – funny how no-one seems to play this kinda sound these days. If yr looking for new tunes you can’t go past the latest Drones album (Australian, so you know its got teeth) – check it out – a fine thing (& no im not in, or a friend of the band!)

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  46. , that's fine. But to quote YOU – don't put words in my mouth. Doing that after you've just told me not to just makes you look like a hypocrite.So disagree with me if you like. That's fine. But I'm afraid you're going to have to say exactly what you disagree with – and please, be specific.

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  51. he was at Columbia University? How did he get into Columbia or Harvard in the first place, knowing he was a bad student or pay for it? I think the answers to those questions would lead us to the answer to the $64,000 question: WHO is behind Obama and what are their plans? (Thanks Dr. Polland, its the question you raised in that great interview a couple of weeks ago).

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  53. – I left a “not” out of that sentence – my bad. I bow to your superior research skills.@Geoff – I don’t want to appear to be “piling on” here but your statement the website organisers have quite knowingly exposed those people appears to be aimed at “Stop the Cull” – yes? NearlyFreeSpeech.net as merely the hoster of the content, has no “iron in the fire” so to speak on this one. As such, TSol’s thuggish letter to them was out of line and lacks any legal standing.

  54. hej, jag ska köra nu i aug men har lite funderingar över övningarna. Hur lång tid/antal rep är det meningen att man ska göra varje övning? löpningen är ju utmarkerad 10 min * 2. men stretchen och coreträningen hittar jag inga tidangivelser för.

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  57. . I think it made it worse that I felt it was ridiculous that I had to tell him what had happened w/ us. (I know, I know.. I’m a girl. We don’t think the same.) It was my mistake. I can take my portion of the blame now. It hasn’t been the easiest way to learn things about yourself or relationships.. but.. C’est la vie.Thanks for the reminder to be honest, Preston!

  58. sÃ¥ utrolig koselig skrevet av deg, Marit! Ei flott jente har du 🙂 hun er heldig som har deg som mamma og du er beæret, som har er en slik datter!!! 🙂 ingen ting er som ekte kjærlighet mellom barn og foreldre.. og det er ingen selvfølge at det er slik Marit 🙂 Jeg jobber i barnevernet og har erfart at det ikke alltid er slik, desverre!ha ei riktig sÃ¥ koselig helg i gode venners lag ;)klem fra Lisa

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  64. the great unwinding of the credit and housing bubble will affect all…even as the maker of bubbles, Alan Greenspan, admitted last week, what we are facing happens once or twice in a century…real estate is just a part of it..I continue to be amazed at how Seattle residents are in total denial about the world economy and what is happening. This is supposed to be one of the most educated liberal minded cities…and I think that the great economic success of Seattle has blinded the population..we are in for a big surprise at how bad it is going to get..unfortunately – Rate this comment: 0  0

  65. Simple response!Koreans don't care where the four J-lawmakers want to visit. We are angry their intent to use this matter as a political show.They ignored the fact and truth that Dokdo is a Korean territory and there is no Takeshima except their immagination. Therefore, Koreans are angry their intent to use Dokdo for their political interest.

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  67. My personal favorite is Harry Potter and the Islets of Langerhans. The plot is frightening and deadly, and builds to a terrifying climax. The discovery of the "insulinia" spell at the end just changes everything. A classic.

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