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5 Replies to “Essential Grilling Tools”

  1. Please don't call him Steve,his mother dos not like it.And being a Steven I don't like it either.I think he should be called Stephy.I would bet that the pudgy,pastey faced Stephy has never had to do any hard phisical work.Look at the boy,and he was elected to be our PRIME MINISTER!

  2. Without debating the merits of gun control, I can say this: “Prohibition for Guns” won’t work, at least not at the buyer level. People will get what they want.What will work? Laws making gun and/or bullet manufacturers liable for crimes committed with their products — something like a tavern’s liability for the acts of someone who got drunk in their establishment.Rodger Malcolm Mitchell

  3. Such brashly open scumbaggery makes me want to resign from the human species. Do the douche bags who write such crimeware have no conscience whatsoever? OK…that's a rhetorical question. I already know the answer is "No". It just blows my mind that such unabashedly malicious knaves can actually live with themselves.

  4. The house is much larger than this photo gallery shows as I didn’t include shots of all the bedrooms/bathrooms or the formal living space. Plus, there’s a good sized guest/studio room built onto the backside of the garage building. I give this property 4 stars.

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